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Technicon achieves 100 thousand safe man hours in HAOR CCR project

January 26, 2021

Technicon has achieved 100 thousand safe man hours during the turn-key construction of the CCR building for HAOR Project

We are proud to announce that ViTO Group's subsidiary Technicon has achieved an outstanding 100,000 Safe Man Hours LTI-Free while performing multple activities during the turnkey construction of the Centralized Control Building (CCR) for the modernisation project of Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR) in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The project management team of our internationally renowned client, Tecnicas Reunidas commented.
This is a remarkable achievement, especially in consideration of the ongoing pandemic Such HSE performance can only be achieved by working with a true belief that ‘No Harm To People’ comes before any other priority. It has been a pleasure working with a Contractor such as Technicon and its subcontractors with the dedicated professionals who have made this happen. We are going to continue our collaborative safety approach, and work together to reduce all possible HSE exposures in the upcoming challenging work ahead of us to complete the CCR building.

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