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ViTO 20 year anniversary

August 9, 2020

ViTO Group, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020 and reflects on twenty years of strong, profitable growth

We are excited to announce that 2020 marks the 20thanniversary of the establishment of ViTO Group. Over the past two decades wehave experienced unprecedented growth as we evolved into a leading, fullyintegrated industrial services provider in the oil & gas and power sectorsin Turkey and neighbouring countries. As we look back, we are proud of ourachievements and the path we have taken, whilst being ambitious about the coming20 years and well beyond. We will continue to accompany our clients along theirassets’ entire lifecycles with value-enhancing solutions to their utmostsatisfaction.

This year in particular, we have focused ourefforts on raising our bars and laying the foundation for the next 20 years ofsuccess. In the year of our 20th anniversary, we are happy aboutnumerous impactful milestones we have reached, and many implemented strategicinitiatives.

Among the most significant achievements this year,is the successful expansion of our geographic footprint with the award of ourfirst EPC project outside of Turkey. We are currently executing a turn-key EPCproject as part of the modernisation of the Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR)in Baku, Azerbaijan. One of our primary objects will continue to be thegeographic expansion into new countries throughout the EMEA region.

At ViTO Group, we are convinced that everychallenge bears new potential and growth opportunities. Therefore, while collectivelydealing with the additional challenges of the ongoing global pandemic, weconstantly develop and optimise measures to tackle any new obstacles. Thisproves itself in practice as we complement our existing services by sharplyfocusing on our goal to remain our clients’ provider of choice.

Consequently, we have decided to establish our ownworkshop facility for the fabrication of specialised steel-based components andequipment for the oil & gas and power sectors. In addition to fabricatingsteel plates, steel structures and pipe-spools for our EPC projects, we willfocus on assembling various forms of pressure vessels. These will range fromspherical tanks to heat exchangers, columns, drums as well as to otherequipment. We expect to complete the first phase of the investment at thebeginning of 2021 and continually increase the facility with the potential ofreaching more than 40,000 sqm of closed area.

Outstanding quality and rigorous HSE standardscontinue to be a cornerstone of our DNA. In all our completed and ongoing projects,we go the extra mile to achieve highest quality measures. The low figure of 0.50%of tank welding faults is one of the many testaments to this. The health andsafety of our employees is another primary concern for us. Our well-establishedHSE measures do not only protect our employees but have also been recognisedfrequently by our clients across our projects.

On top of that, we are pleased to share the launch ofour new website with you. The fully redesigned website has resulted in a more sophisticatedlook, improved navigation and updated content. These user-friendly adjustments facilitatethe presentation of the full spectrum of our services. They also clearlyresonate with our capabilities and the added values we provide our clientswith. The new website will go live during December 2020. Together with oursocial media channels, the new website will complement and revamp ourcommunication with our clients and partners around the world. Stay tuned andfollow us on our social media channels for more updates.

In line with the rapid evolvement of the technologicallandscape, we have spent considerable resources to implement our ERP system anddigitise numerous processes this year. Increasing our digital capabilities isamongst our top priorities going forward as we firmly believe that new technologysolutions unlock further growth on the top and bottom line. We are committed tooffering our teams across all sites helpful tools to carry out their tasks moreefficiently and more accurately, thus resulting in a compelling valueproposition for our clients and our staff.

Consistent with ourcommitment to providing premier services in Aliağa (İzmir), we enhanced andexpanded our camp facilities in this region. Amongst others, Aliağa peninsulais home to Socar’s STAR refinery, Tüpraş’ refinery and Petkim. We equipped thepeninsula with new sleeping berths and – more importantly – added newrecreational spaces. Further, we installed a solar heating system to increasethe comfort of our employees while reducing the environmental impact. Increasingthe quality of our employees’ stay will improve overall focus levels andultimately lead to increased productivity. Hereby, our clients can continuouslybe assured about superior results of our endeavours.

About ViTO Group

ViTO Group is a specialised industrial servicesprovider focused on entire lifecycles of assets in the oil & gas and powersectors. In addition to project development and financing, we offer our clientsEPC as well as maintenance and repair services. We serve a diverse range ofblue-chip clients ranging from operators/owners to multinational EPC companiesand OEMs. We currently employ a full-time team of more than 50 professionalswith managerial responsibilities and can execute projects with a manpower of upto 1,000 to 1,500 people.